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The recent economic times have forced many local companies to reevaluate their current position in the market place. Many are asking themselves how do they forecast revenue for the upcoming months and how do they compare against their competition? With the economy in unique climate Dark Water Media's strategy will be to execute call-to-action campaigns with limited branding emphasis. Our goal will be to solidify our clients position and deepen their core clientele with marketing efforts to appeal to specific objectives and benefits for their customers. 



Dark Water Media is continuing market strategies to take advantage of a revolution in online marketing. Search Engines command the e-commerce world providing companies with millions of page views everyday from potential customers. Search Engine Optimization is the advertising medium that must be mastered if companies are to compete. Dark Water Media's SEO program focuses on lowering the astronomical costs of SEO and concentrating on a healthy ROI for our clients. Our SEO program provides true "organic" results for geographical minded searches bringing up your web page in the natural or "organic" rankings. We guarantee top ten* search results for our clients. Contact us to find out more about our Organic SEO program and catch up with today's online marketing.

Outdoor Media

Outdoor Billboards and Transit have the potential to be an effective advertising medium, in terms of response and ROI. Commuting between Utah's three major metro areas is commonplace for most residents. This leads to a lethal billboard campaign to drive sales and top-of-mind awareness. In todays advertising market consumers are bombarded thousands of times a day with advertising messages. So to break through and effectively reach and a target audience proves to be very difficult. That’s where Dark Water Media has created a plan. Outdoor Billboards will play the role of yesterday’s newspaper as a constant reminder to 18+ demographics with a visual message. It is constant, huge and unavoidable. Billboards demand attention and get good results but they are not able to target a particular consumer or stand alone in a marketing campaign. Dark Water Media uses a three-prong approach that will target the consumer in a cost efficient manner while remaining in place for mass demographics for long-term advertising. Other strategic mediums can bring more detailed information to consumer that billboards cannot deliver. Targeting lifestyle, income, and age demographics that will respond best. With this three pronged attack of general mass visual, targeted detailed audio, and tailored interactive the return on investment becomes obtainable for all industries.

Print Media

Print Advertising can be a large part of a firm’s image to portray the correct mood and tone of a particular campaign. Magazine publications will be used to compliment existing proactive campaigns to target niche demographics that other advertising mediums do not effectively penetrate. Using the crisp, clean images that are standard in glossy print, consumers can “test drive” from detailed visual images and targeted advertising messages that will pertain to their interests. Some limits however are the lack of market reach and gross impressions. Magazine publications reach smaller audiences and are more difficult to reach an entire market segment. While some limitations will exist due the nature of the medium; detailed and compelling stories can be told to invite on a personal level the consumer to the advertiser. Brand and company culture is delivered easily through one of the oldest advertising mediums.

Radio Media

Radio will be playing a role to position clients in a pro-active method to gather in new business and generate top-of-mind awareness. Radio campaigns will focus on complimenting other forms of media that advertise in a more consistent medium. Using radio flights we can bring attention to upcoming events and specials that require a call to action such as sales and new product lines. These campaigns will be targeted and detailed to provide immediate results that can be measured and leveraged against other forms of media advertising. Radio will typically be placed as part of the media mix and stations that are used will employ tactical day-parting schedules to maximize budgets. Refreshing creatively is fast and affordable to stay relevant and dynamic in an ever-changing market.