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Dark Water Media is a full service advertising agency specializing in Media Buying, Market Research and Analysis, Print, Radio, TV, Traditional Online Marketing, Organic Search Engine Optimization, and Outdoor mediums.

Dark Water Media strives to utilize all available resources to offer our clients the best mediums to attain their desired goals. Advertising is a means to an end and should not be the focus. The focus is the objectives in which marketing is used to accomplish. Dark Water Media was founded on the premise that the decision making process must be executed correctly and done without bias to ensure that the most efficient mediums and strategies are used. The correct creative message for the target audience must be unveiled through research, historical results, and dedication to the true call to action from consumers. Please visit our blog for update information and discussions relating to current marketing efforts and campaigns.

Dark Water Media operates from offices in Salt Lake City, Utah and focuses on tactically placing broadcast media in conjunction with other mediums. In a diluted broadcast market advertising can become costly and cumbersome for businesses that need to eliminate guesswork and get the most for their advertising dollar. Dark Water Media has over 17 years marketing experience and has successfully met and exceeded clients' expectations in a vast range of industries. From cosmetic procedures to the financial industry Dark Water Media has done it all and will continue to invent new and creative campaigns for years to come.

- Principal, Dark Water Media, Inc

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Outdoor Media

Outdoor Billboards and Transit displays in combination with Radio campaigns have the potential to be the most effective advertising mediums, read more...

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Print Media

Print Advertising can be a large part of a firms image to portray the correct mood and tone of a particular campaign. Magazine publications will read more...

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Radio Media

Radio will be playing a role to position clients in a pro-active method to gather in new business and generate top-of-mind awareness in customers read more...